This Couple Lost 235 Pounds On The Keto Diet In Less Than A Year, And The Photos Of Its Transformation Will Inspire You

April McIntosh was always a complicated relationship with food. She struggled with her weight and grew up regularly in fatty, sugary foods to deal with her feelings. April always wanted to lose weight and struggled to stay active, but could not follow her diet the right way.

Everything changed about a year ago, when April and her husband, Chris, discovered a diet high in fat, low in carbohydrates and lost 235 pounds collectively.

In November, the number that was looking at April on thescale was 330 pounds, and for Chris it was 316. April says that the couple’sdiet system in Virginia consists of processed and unhealthy foods, likemacaroni and frozen chicken nuggets. Instant puree “Things that really donot have a nutritional value,” she says.

Chris is a mechanic, a job that requires long and heavy hours, he says. Your dining options reflect this. If he had lunch to take her to work, he would collect “everything that was fast,” he tells the health. At the end of the workday, enjoy getting rid of the cornice. “Eating was the adjustment mechanism,” he says.

Slowly but surely, Nissan began to realize that her weight was holding her back. One of his most memorable moments was when he was in a recreational park with his 8-year-old brother. He was dying to ride the roller coaster with his older sister, but Nissan was terrified of that, remember.

While we were in line, I thought: “I do not know if I can be in shape or if it’s dangerous because I’m much bigger than him and the tape will not close properly to keep him safe,” says April. When it was his turn to run, the fears of April came true. His hips could not put her in the seat, and he had to tell his little brother that he could not travel with him.

Nissan wants to be the last straw to force her to commit tolosing weight. But that moment in which the final point came finally came a fewmonths later, when she and Chris were at a gala dinner. She was wearing it, andit felt incredible. But when I saw the images of the night, the woman I saw onthe screen saw nothing like her hair. “It was surprising for me to havereached a stage where I had not committed,” he says.

At that time, the month of April ended up sitting and falling out of control. He followed Quito’s success stories on social media, and although he was skeptical about giving up food like pasta, he knew something had to change.

Then, on the last day of November 2017, the month of April began to change to keto. Recognize that the first few days were difficult, especially due to hunger. But after about a week, I noticed healthy changes. “I had more energy, I did not feel bloated all the time and I was very excited,” she says.

Chris, on the other hand, was not convinced that Quito was for him. Sticking to your usual food choices while watching in April gives you a high-fat, carbohydrate Quito lifestyle. Chris did not think he could give up food like bread and potatoes, which were foods for his diet all his life.

It took about a month to see the progress of April to join her on a journey to lose weight. As soon as he got on board, he knew he had made the right decision. “You do not believe in the places where you lose weight,” he says, explaining that he wears rubber gloves to work with, and in a short period of time, the size of the gloves has diminished.

Both Nissan and Chris agree that these first signs of success have led them to follow them. They were replaced by the typical frozen chicken nuggets with steak, cheese, cauliflower and bacon, and made sure they were exercising in a way that worked for them. Nissan says that she likes to walk a mile or two at lunchtime to move her body. Chris works on his feet all day and performs active household chores such as chopping wood.

Now, a year later, April lost 135 pounds and weighed 195. Chrislost 100 pounds and an hour at 216.

Both have more confidence in their appearance and love that they no longer worry that their weight prevents them from doing activities and hobbies. But Nissan believes that the most rewarding part for her is her new freedom of food.

“I do not feel like eating anymore,” she says. “When I put something in my mouth, because I know what I’m doing, it means not just eating.”

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