Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy provides you with the summary of USA Health Guides practices with respect to the form of the facts collected, how we collect your data, how we use your records, how we share your information and various important information about our privacy practices. Please note that this privatization policy may also change from time to time, and we reserve the right to market this Privacy Policy at any time. It is your duty to review this Privacy Policy periodically to review any changes. To make changes to this privacy coverage, we may include historical review dates at the top of this report. We may also notify you by email with the email address you provided us during the registration period at USA Health Guides. It is the mileage you must provide us with the maximum email message of our day. You can ask us to refrain from using your personal statistics by clicking here to cancel the subscription.

Information Collected

We collect and integrate non-identifiable information in my opinion (“No personally identifiable information”) and, in my opinion, identifiable facts (“PII”) for the various assets listed under. By way of reference, personally identifiable information is a fact that can be used to identify someone, including, but not limited to naming or treating it, the diversity of smartphones or email. Non-PII records that are not always used to specifically understand, contact or detect a person, as well as non-compliance with zip code, gender, age or IP address.


You own or manage a network of websites that offer a proliferation of products and services. Similarly, USA Health Guides collects information from the beneficiaries of the various resources that are listed in this privacy policy. This privacy coverage applies to all data collected through  using our website or providing us with records. You agree to use and share the statistics collected or sent as set forth in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, do not use or navigate to any of the websites or web pages at USA Health Guides, and do not disclose any information to us.